Hi, I’m Emily Walker, founder of Next Dinner Party Designs. I’ve lived abroad for nearly a decade for my husband’s job with the U.S. Department of State. We’ve lived in Yemen, Spain, Jerusalem, Morocco and Algiers, and now, back in the good old U-S of A. It may sound like a transient lifestyle, but one thing that makes me feel rooted to a new place is setting up our living space in a way that reflects us, our style, interests, and experiences. I love discovering local artisans, furniture makers, framers, artists, and antique dealers and incorporating unique treasures into our home. I believe that living in a thoughtful, beautiful space can vastly improve one’s sense of well-being and happiness. I love to help friends and clients create a stylish room or an entire home that reflects who they are and where they are in life and in the world.

I’m a former Washington DC journalist; I’ve written a novel (partly thanks to New York University’s Paris Writer’s Program. J’adore Paris; it’s my favorite city in the world). And I’ve been blogging since my foreign adventure began in 2012 over at The Next Dinner Party. I’ve worked at United States embassies abroad where I’ve maintained a blog about fun things to do in Madrid, written cables on Palestinian hospitals, planned which restaurants members of Congress would dine at during a visit in Jerusalem, and produced a YouTube show on American culture for Algerians.

I also love to read, watch TV, take long walks/hikes, cook, and host dinner parties. The name of my company – Next Dinner Party Designs – is inspired by the thrill of knowing there is always a cozy, fun, welcoming, and engaging dinner party on the horizon.

Holla atchya gurl.

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